A berserker in Aroumian Town.



A Berserker is a different class in Neosaurs. It is the awakened form of Rex.


  • You must be level 40.
  • Must have 500000 gold for quest.
  • You must have cleared the Ultimate Dungeon.
  • You must have accepted the quest from your class skill trainer before clearing the Ultimate Dungeon.


  • People often mistake level 40 Neosaurs as their class before awakening. A Berserker is mostly mistaken as Rex.
  • People also mistake that awakening and transformation happen at the same level. Note that awakening happens at level 40 and transformation happens at level 50.


At level 40, you will only get new skills and "awaken". After awakening, you can see that you don't look like the Neosaurs that were your awakening class. When you are a level 50 Berserker, you will turn a lot bigger than before. You will also get a lot more powerful. (The Berserker picture shows up when your screen is loading. It is the picture at the top left).

Ultimate SkillEdit

Every transformed Neosaur has an ultimate skill. No one except level 50 Berserkers actually know the appearance and name of their ultimate skill, but now the Neosaurs community can check out the Berserker's ultimate skill in the Neosaurs Fan Page