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Cerrax (also known as the Great Cerrax) is the leader of Sauria. He is one of the oldest Neosaurs and fought in the Great War. He is the only known survivor of the Great War.


Cerrax has a son named Terrax. He is also in Sauria City. Cerrax's daughter, Didi, is in Spikeden to train hatch class Neosaurs. He has another daughter located in Sauria City called Maxine.

Important EventsEdit

Didi was involved in Dr. Leonid's kidnapping attack. Back at Spikeden, Didi will show a video. It shows that Didi knew about the attack and was warning Dr. Leonid about it. Dr. Leonid was working on something and asked for a little more time. After that, the attack took place. The attackers have breached the building and Dr. Leonid hasn't released all the eggs yet (that's why at level 1 you are called a hatch). Didi told him to release it anywhere but not to leave it in the building. Dr. Leonid then presses the release button and the eggs fly all around Inner Earth. Before Dr. Leonid was kidnapped, he told Didi to follow the coordinates of the eggs. The eggs landed at Spikeden Village and Didi will be training them when they hatch.