Please note that this page has been made to clear all Neosaurs players' thoughts clear.


  • All three Neosaur classes are not exactly balanced. A balanced Neosaur has to have normal stats. For example, if one stat has a range from 1 to 5, a balanced Neosaur would have all stats as 3.
  • All Neosaurs have the same power. Even if you're a Rex, you are still as powerful as the Ceras and Pteras. If you look at their stats, you would see how balanced their power is. It only depends on the armor.
  • Pteras are just as powerful as Ceras and Rex. It is almost like the fact above, but the point of this fact is for people to stop underestimating Pteras. I see people say that Pteras are weak since their Physical Attack is weak.
  • There is only ONE GM (General Manager) of Neosaurs. People seem to name their Neosaurs as the GM, but there is only one GM and the GM is named Jeny. The name Jeny seems to be a girl name. The GM is a Level 50 Pyro Drake. And, as said in the Neosaurs Page, whoever impersonates the GM will face major consequences.


  • "Rex is the most balanced of them all". NO! People often confuse that just because Rex is in the cover of Neosaurs and has a maxed attack stat, he is the most balanced of all Neosaur classes. If stats were measured from 1 to 5, a balanced Neosaur has to have all its stats as 3.
  • "Pteras are so weak". Pteras are not weak at all. It's either the player you're looking at is misusing his/her Ptera, or the Ptera you're seeing hasn't released its full power. Pteras would say that they have a lot more potential than other people think, and I would totally agree with them. For some people, Picking a "cooler than cool Neosaur class" is better to do than learning the real fact about Pteras: THEY ARE POWERFUL NEOSAURS!
  • "Rex is the most powerful Neosaur class". Just because a Rex class Neosaur was in the cover of Neosaurs, or is the first option to pick after evolution, doesn't mean it's the coolest or most powerful Neosaur. The most powerful Neosaurs are not all Rex class. Some are Ceras, some are Pteras. Just because Rex has big fangs doesn't mean it's the most powerful. Please learn this.