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Back Casting example1: Backward Tornado


Being a pro is on how you use your skill!

Try some experiments when performing a combo!

1.Back Casting:Edit

Performing a skill backward make you more easy to avoid attack of the enimies!

ctrls:(SKILL+dashing backward)
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Back casting example2: Backward Fireball


After you perform back casting!

Simply jump after being perform your previous casting then it will automatically bring you to your  previous location!

ctrls:(Back casting+jump)

3.Rocket Dash:

'When the foot of you dino walking by its own! Jump Rushingly and you threw away!

4.Escape: Escape can be perform just simply jump in any direction you want!

It will lessen the chance of being hit! 


Air control

5.Air Control

Let you perform skill while your on the air!

ctrls:(hold space)+skill