Berserker And Pyro Drake

Pyro Drake *right* With Berserker *Left*

A Pyro Drake is another class after awakening. You can also transform into this class when you are in the appropriate level.

Requirements: Awakening into a Pyro DrakeEdit

  • You must clear the Ultimate Dungeon.
  • You must meet Cerrax.
  • You must clear another dungeon.
  • You must pay 500,000 gold to finish a quest.
  • You must be level 40 or above.

Requirements: Transforming into a Pyro DrakeEdit

  • You must be level 50 or above.

Awakening and Transformation SkillsEdit

  • Firebreath: This is a ranged attack using a breath of fire. It also has a high chance of causing Fire damage.
  • Flame Explosion: This skill is a ranged radius damage attack using a fiery attack.
  • Fire Sneeze: This is a ranged attack that blasts a wall of fire on the floor in front of the character.
  • Focus Wisdom: This increases the character's INT and Magical Critical Chance for a set amount of time.

Ultimate SkillEdit

No one except level 50 Pyro Drakes actually know the name of the ultimate skill. But the appearance can be demonstrated in the Neosaurs Fan Page. It appears to be lots of Fireballs falling like rain. The appearance of this Ultimate Skill can also be seen in your screen while Neosaurs is loading.