Rex is one of the three Neosaurs Classes. Rex Has ★★★★★ on Attack also has ★★★ on Defense and ★★★ on Magic.


The Skills for Rex are:

Claws of Fury: This Skill is a forward melee attack using the claws.

Chomp: This Skill is a forward melee attack using the teeth. It also have a chance of caused injury damage.

Fireball: This Skill is a forward longed ranged attack shooting a fireball, It also has a small chance of caused flame damage.

Claw Crunch: This Skill is a forward ranged attack using the claws.

Strength: Increases the character's STR for a set of time.

Bandage: This skill increases the resistance to wounding attacks for a short period of time.

When awakened it can turn into one of two classes

Beserker=The usual choice to stay in the profession of physical attacks

Pyro-Drake=A awakening that changes you're profession to magic

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