Vandro is an NPC and is the leader of Moonglow. He gives you quests immediately after you arrive at Moonglow.

"Hey, nice to meet you. I'm Vandro, the village chief in Moonglow. We are called the Arbo race and we love music and nature." -- Vandro's introduction dialogue

Unlike skill trainers in Moonglow, Vandro's quests are available to all three Neosaur classes. He will start giving you quests when you have evolved and have chosen a particular class.


Vandro is the town leader of Moonglow and is located at the middle of Moonglow Forest.


1. On to Moonglow! - Arrive at Moonglow and talk to Vandro

Rewards : 500 Exp 150 Gold

2. Greeting the Village Chief - Click on the helmet at Moonglow Woodlands 3

Rewards : 152 Exp 100 Gold Superb Young Fangs

3. New Fangs - Equip the Superb Young Fangs.

Rewards : 500 Exp 150 Gold

4. First Evolution Skill - Use a first evolution skill by pressing the shortcut key S.

Rewards : 300 Exp 100 Gold

5. The second skill after evolution - Use another first evolution key by pressing the shortcut key D.

Rewards : 300 Exp 100 Gold

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